Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Apple iPhone4 FaceTime problems with Etisalat SOLVED!!!!

In one of my previous posts I'd written about how many people saw my FaceTime demo in my review of the iPhone 4, and wrote in asking how I had managed to turn it on. While it had just worked automatically the first time around, I was having a lot less luck with my replacement device. In the post, I'd basically voiced my frustration of not being able to answer the queries of all those who had written in, as I couldn't even figure out how to turn it on myself. "Had Etisalat blocked it?" I'd wondered.

I just saw that a comment was waiting to be moderated from a reader who had sent in a fix! Could it be? I ran over and checked it on my iPhone4 and... Hallelujah!!! It works!!!
Here is the comment:

Faraz has left a new comment on your post "The dark future of Telecom":

Hi Kiran...
Have worked out a way to make Face time work..Go to Settings and then Phone..Where it says Facetime..switch it on..If it says waiting for activation..Just restart the phone by holding down the home and the power button simultaneously.. When the phone restarts..Voila!!!!! Facetime works just fine :) 

Faraz, whoever you are, you really are a superstar and I'd like to thank you on behalf of myself and a whole bunch of frustrated iPhone users in the UAE!


ghoonk said...

Just got my iPhone 4 from Emirates Avenue and was able to activate FaceTime without needing the steps you mentioned. I am on the du network, and all I needed to do was to insert my du microSIM into the iPhone 4 and turn on FaceTime in Settings -> Phone.

Activation took a few minutes and then I was able to make a FaceTime call to friends and family :)

chaps_ks said...

Great Post Buddy, I am linking you on my VERY popular VOIP blog, popular in UAE, US, INDIA, CANADA, UK and 200 more countries,

Can you let us know whether FACETIME free WIFI calls from UAE work to call overseas too? I think they work ...

Thank you!

Piyush K

Kiran Chhabria said...

Hi Piyush, Yes it indeed does work.
Thanks for the link- do send me the site address.

chaps_ks said...

Thanks Kiran, my VOIP Blog's link is: http://talkfree7.blogspot.com Keep the good work friend, take care, Have a nice future!!!

chaps_ks said...

Hey! Kiran, now Etisalat / DU are official carrier for iPhone 4 in UAE, with NO faceTime capability, please confirm that iPhone 4 buyed from grey market or imported from other nations do work over FACETIME video calls or Not? Thank you

Kiran Chhabria said...

Yes it does work. Have you bought your iPhone in the UAE yet? I'm curious to know how they have disabled facetime? Is the option not there or does it say "Waiting for activation"?
Btw, an alternate solution if you really do want to use FaceTime is to get the new iPod Touch, as it is compatible with other Touch and iPhone 4 devices.

Syrian_Kiwi said...

Sounds like it could be more a case of people as well as carrier being unfamiliar with the iPhone 4 then. Anyone who needs help with facetime call me on +6421550216, this is my FaceTime number. If I don't answer then I'm at work, in which case you can Skype me on yamany9.

Muzi said...

Hi Kiran, Etisalat has blocked facetime and no facetime option is visible in phone menu.

Kiran Chhabria said...

Muzi, this post was written much before Etisalat and Du launched the iPhone 4 a few days back.

You can read more about that problem here- http://www.kiranscorner.com/2010/09/du-and-etisalat-launch-iphone-4-in-uae.html

Vijay Teki Blog said...

Hi, I bought a 16GB iPhone 4 from Etisalat on 9th Dec and it does not have the FaceTime option when I go to Settings -> Phone. Can someone help. Thank you in advance. Cheers, Vijay


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